Macomb Academy, Daily Living Skills & Employment Training

Our Curriculum

Our daily living skills curriculum—based on the Michigan Department of Education’s Careers and Employability Standards—integrates 30 community-based student intern sites and over 25 daily living-focused classes. The classes we offer address needs in these areas: personal-social skills, daily living skills, and independent living skills. All of the departments within our school work hard to provide the services and support our students need to thrive. Our students take four classes per semester (eight per school year). 

Macomb Academy Structure

Students who attend Macomb Academy spend a portion of the day receiving classroom instruction in daily living skills and employment preparation and training and the other portion of the day in the community-based work experience instruction setting. They receive employment skills training by performing job duties in the community at a training site provided by our community partners.

  • The community-based learning experience for students is not more than 50% of the day for the program.
  • No more than 50% of the school day is devoted to students volunteering and practicing vocational skills in the community setting.
  • Students are present in the school building and typical classroom environment for instruction at least 50% of the day.
Employment and Training
Daily Independent Living Skills and Instructional Program
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