Our History

Macomb Academy Legacy

Our legacy began several years ago, with a small group of parents and educators. Dr. John Beleutz and Mr. Richard Mette—who both continue to serve as emeritus members on the board of directors—along with the late Mr. William Body, founded Macomb Academy for the purpose of helping to ease the transition of those who had completed high school but were not yet ready for college, the workforce, or independent living.

The first class of Macomb Academy students met in September 1989 with just 13 students at the Macomb Community College campus. As part of Mt. Clemens Community Schools’ adult education program, the beginnings of what was to become Macomb Academy came to fruition.

Our early challenges included transportation, curriculum, program design, and budget. A limited number of employment training sites required our dedicated job coaches and teachers to take taxis to get to community-based instruction sites, and a local church served as a training site for custodial duties and cooking classes.

Charter School Established

Over time, more and more students enrolled in Macomb Academy, Clinton Township’s premier post-secondary option for young adults with special needs. Increasing enrollment exhausted scarce funds, so Macomb Academy explored the charter school concept. As a charter school, we are eligible for federal and state funding because our students remain part of the public school system. In 1995, Central Michigan University authorized and chartered Macomb Academy as the first charter school in Macomb County.


Decades later, the unique purpose of Macomb Academy remains, providing job training and life skills within a safe and constructive environment. With access to public transportation routes and an expanded curriculum, Macomb Academy has grown to serve Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair, and Wayne counties.